Screened in Porch Installation in Charlotte NC

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This video features a custom built screened in porch, aluminum fence and custom concrete stained patio.

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Here are just some benefits to a screened in porch:

First, a porch with a screen will prevent flying bugs and insects from ruining your day while you’re out on the porch. A porch without a screen is an open invitation for flying bugs and insects to enter, leaving you to chase them away or get bitten. A screen is the first line of defense from flying insects.

Next, the roof of the screen porch is great for blocking the hot sun in the summer while still allowing summer breezes to blow through. What’s more, if there’s a sudden summer shower, there’s no need to run inside. You can still sit on the screened patio and enjoy watching the rain.

The screened in porch is also a great place for relaxation. You can sit comfortably and look out at the nature in your backyard. Or just sit back, read, sew, sleep, or just do nothing – whatever you do to chill out.

Apart from just being a cozy version of the standard porch types, it too becomes an additional play area for the children. Therefore, even if it is raining outside, children can still have a place to play. And if you want the kids outside, but don’t want them wandering off, a screened porch provides a close, safe environment.

The screen porch also provides an excellent additional room for entertaining. As long as it’s not too cold, you can have friends or family over. You can cook on the grill in the yard and bring the food inside the porch to eat it, cutting down on bugs that interfere with enjoying your food. If you work out of your home, you can even hold business meetings on your porch.

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